Mustard Seed Missions

Support for community:
individuals and families with young children



Services and experiences that lift families to their fullest potential.

Free Shelf

What is it? A support service to families with young children–one visit per month to pick up necessities such as diapers, toiletries, and household supplies, free of charge.

When is it available: Tuesday- Friday 10 am – 1 pm

Where: Grace Place, 66 E. 2nd St., Winona, MN

Requirements: Must have children in the home and complete an application to collect basic information. Click the button below to schedule an appointment.

Gifts of Grace

What is it: Free items from our Winona or Rushford Thrift Stores to help meet your practical needs

Who can use it: Anyone!

How often: Once a month

When is it available: Tuesday- Friday 10 am – 1 pm

Details: Each member of your household is eligible for 6 practical items of $5.00 value or less. Example: 4 people in your household = 24 practical items. Practical items include clothing, shoes, kitchen items, bedding, etc… If an item exceeds $5.00 you can pay the difference.

Requirements: Must complete an application collecting basic information.

Click the button below to schedule an appointment.

Morning Music

What is it? A high energy fun time for families with young children.  Music, dance, and sign language are all used to help your child begin learning.  This gathering is mindfully designed to be both purposeful and playful. View the video clip below for a preview!

Dear Grace Place Families,

For many years , February was the start of Winter Morning Music. As I spoke of last summer, I planned to retire in December of 2022. With this transition Grace Place is presently experiencing, it is with sadness I have to tell you Morning Music is on hold. It is hard to know how everything will look after we are through the transition, but I am very interested in creating a list of families that are interested in a possible summer session. I have to say you are the people that keep me smiling and fill and refill my days with delight. Please let me know if you would like to be on the list. Love, Carla. You can email us at
Individual Mentoring

We offer support to families. You can be paired with a mentor to focus on relationships, job readiness, parenting issues, budgeting, or other areas of need. We help people learn how to build skills in decision making, goal setting, and problem solving.

Please call Grace Place at 507-452-2283


What is it: Assistance for expenses up to $200

Who can use it: All are considered. Priority given to individuals with children.

How often: Individuals can be a recipient once a year.

When is it available: Tuesday- Friday 10 am – 1 pm.

Details: When the application is complete and all requested documents are attached, they are submitted to to director for review. If approved, money goes directly for the item or service, not to the individual. Grace Place is limited to gifting up to $200 per month. Once that $200 is met, we do not accept any requests until the following month.

Requirements: Must complete an application collecting basic information (click button below to schedule an appointment). Must provide documentation of the need. For example: a phone bill, quote for new tires, letter from landlord, etc… You can complete the application at your scheduled appointment at Grace Place.

Making a Difference…

Good News! We welcomed our first family into Grace House and not only are we incredibly proud of the progress our mom has made in such a short time, but more importantly, she is proud of herself!

In only one month she has checked goal after goal off her list; first drivers permit ever, enrolled in college courses, volunteering, attending parenting courses, and other personal goals.

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