Dear Friends,

The following true story was recently shared by one of our Rushford cashiers. She spoke of a young woman with a cart full of merchandise who noticed that the elder shopper behind her in the checkout line had only a few items.The young woman kindly stepped aside, allowing her elder to go ahead of her. Little did the young woman know that her act of kindness and respect would come back to her almost instantly.  

Before it was the young woman’s turn to check out, the elder shopper ahead of her discreetly told the cashier she would like to pay for the young woman’s entire purchase, just under $50, and quietly moved out of sight. With tear filled eyes, the young woman told the cashier she was overcome that someone could be so kind. She had never had anyone do something like that before. As the young woman left the store, she repeatedly said,” Thank you so much.”

The story didn’t end there! Another woman who witnessed this event said to the cashier, “I want to do something similar.” She handed the cashier a twenty-dollar bill, asking her to pay for another person’s purchase! 

The cashier was overcome by these back-to-back encounters with kindness as well, saying, “Things like this warm my heart and renew my belief that there still is goodness in the world.”

I am so proud and thankful to be part of an organization that displays the fruit of the Holy Spirit so tangibly in day-to-day life.

Love, Carla, Founder & Exec. Director of Grace Place, Inc.